About Us


     Italian modular charm bracelets and watches are the rage. These are not the old-fashioned charms that dangle from a link style bracelet. Elegant Italian modular charms are composed of sleek stainless steel in the shape of rectangular links.  Charms are embellished with enamel, cubic zirconia, and natural or faux stones.  Italian charms are easily and quickly interchangeable by the wearer as you desire.  
Italian charm bracelets are worn with pleasure by men, women and children.

     Our customers enjoy creating an Italian charm bracelet featuring their initials, and can add symbols that represent their family members, special friends, loyal pets, zodiac symbols, or favorite hobbies, interests and sports. A modular charm bracelet makes a memorable gift as you build the bracelet that reflects the unique interests of the wearer.

     ItalianCharms.com carries several lines of Italian made charms and charm watches.  We carry many different brands of Italian charms including Zoppini, Boxing, Carisma, Linx, ReFlorence, Passavinti, Patrizia, Puzzle, Ryry, Talexia and Unodomani just to name some.  We also offer 300 designs in the popular laser links designed and made in the USA.  
All of our modular jewelry brands are compatible with each other along with Nomination.

     Create a bracelet of your dreams! There's a large variety of different base bracelets to select from that will suit your taste.  Our newest bases are laser hearts, puffy hearts in gold or stainless, matte center with gold edges and shiny center with gold edges. Try alternating a gold edge base with various charms.  The gold edge base will give your bracelet a nice two tone (gold/silver) look that goes so well with most jewelry.  Add charms with cubic zirconias to give it some sparkle or stones to give it more color!

     Italiancharms.com is owned and operated by experienced jewelry professionals from Northern California. Italiancharms.com, was created in May, 2001 and recently had a significant design change in May of.

     To view over TEN THOUSAND charms and to create personalized Italian charm bracelets online, return to our HOME page. Let your creativity run wild!