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What Is In Your Heart is Now at The Latest Trend!

The Latest Trend offers the latest styles in jewelry by Crislu, Cuffs of Love by ID Exchange, and now What Is In Your Heart that are hand-selected for your buying pleasure. Check us out today!

What is in Your Heart? is the latest trend in personalized jewelry! Wear this special pendant close to your heart filled with charms that represent what you love. Select from letters, birthstones or other small charms to fill your heart. What a classy way to personalize a pendant just for you or for someone special!

Be the first to wear a What Is In Your Heart necklace! Fill it with charms or select a few charms for an open look. Charms will move inside your pendant giving it a different look each time it is worn. Desperate Housewives star, Joely Fisher (Lynette's boss), was featured in the October 17, 2005 issue of People Magazine wearing a heart!

What Is In Your Heart? by pendants by Linx and More are made of stainless steel or sterling silver and have a clear backing. Heart size is approximately 1" by 1" and chains are either 16", 18" or 20" and made of sterling silver. Pendants and chains are finished with rhodium to prevent tarnishing. Select from cubic zirconia sterling silver letters to represent your initials or family names. Charms are made of either 14 karat gold or sterling silver and are available in a variety of designs. If you prefer sparkles on your necklace, we offer an adjustable sterling silver chain with cubic zirconia stones. It will make your necklace dazzle even more! Disney charms for your locket necklace can be found in our Heart to Heart section of the website.
Each heart will hold approximately four to six charms depending on charm sizes. If you are selecting Disney charms, your heart will hold fewer charms due to the size of Disney characters. Our cross and padlock pendants can hold more charms. It is recommended to select up to three letters. More than three letters will fill your heart, leaving little room for birthstones or other charms. To represent your family, we suggest using first inital letters to represent a husband and wife and colorful birthstones to represent your children. For a personalized look, we offer tiny photo charms that can be added to your pendants. What could be more special than wearing a picture of your loved one or pet!
It's easy to get started! Just let us know what you would like inside your heart and we'll assemble it for you. Please allow two business days for assembling your heart order. If you would like to add more charms to your heart, return your pendant to us and we'll be happy to add more to your heart.