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About ItalianCharms

   Italian charm bracelets are fashionable and Italian charms are fun to wear for everyone of all ages! Italian charm bracelets originated in Italy and are now popular in the states. Charms can represent various meanings on your bracelet. features stainless steel, gold, and enameled Italian modular charms in many motifs to custom create bracelets. Start an Italian charm bracelet using our Build a Bracelet feature or purchase loose Italian charms by clicking our Browse Charms button.

Italian Charms offers ten thousand different charms by over thirty different companies from Italy including those by Zoppini, Boxing, Linx, Passavinti, ReFlorence, Puzzle, Ryry, Talexia, Toscana, Amorini, and Unodomani. Links with our own Patrizia stamp are made in Italy especially for us. These Italian charms are composed of 18 karat gold and stainless steel. Links can be easily added or removed as desired. Our licensed sports charms and some college and character charms along with our children's line (Patty Ann) are made of the highest quality jeweler's brass and stainless steel and are not of Italian origin. You'll also find designs in laser links that are designed in the USA and can be custom designed to your specifications. All Italian Charms shown are compatible with each other.

Italian Charms

   You'll find a variety of charm symbols offered in three sizes from categories such as, letters, love, sports, birthstones, animals, patriotic, religious, words, flags, zodiacs and more in enamel or with stones. Specialized designs include all licensed Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, Snow White, and more. other licensed charms include Red Hat Society, Elvis, Beatles, Barbie, Coca Cola, Madeline, Garfield, SpongeBob, Hello Kitty, Precious Moments, Care Bears, Betty Boop, Peanuts, Archie Comics, and sports, sororities and college charm designs. Charm Chicks and Career Chicks by Linx and More offers "chicks" such as Ariel or Zoe that can be dressed in different high fashion outfits. Look in Laser Links for the hottest designs around. Megalinks are a great way of joining two bracelets. We also offer photo charms in various sizes. An Italian bracelet is such a personal piece of jewelry that will bring enjoyment! is owned and operated by Patricia Lee, an experienced jewelry professional from Northern California. Carats Jewelry, a retail store, founded in 1994 is located in Stockton, California. Carats has been selling Italian charms since 2000 and has been instrumental in starting the Italian charm bracelet trend in California.

Italian Charms

   In May 2001, was established and offers a unique "Build A Bracelet" feature. This allows you to choose charms from different categories and "drag" each charm to your desired base bracelet. Your personalized Italian charm bracelet can be seen on your computer screen and we'll attach your charms just the way you designed it! If you already own a bracelet and want to add more italian charms, click on "Browse Charms". Click one of the buttons above for a charming experience!

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